Web Sites & Resources Related to my Research


Peer Bork's group web site at the EMBL

Web site of Gunnar Rätsch's group, now at MSKCC (previously at the FML)

Weigelworld, Detlef Weigel's lab page at the MPI

Galaxy web services provided by Gunnar Rätsch's group at the FML (the RNA-seq-based transcript prediction method mTIM is also available there)

The At-TAX expression atlas for A. thaliana (based on tiling arrays)

A gene expression map for C. elegans established in the scope of the modENCODE project using tiling arrays

An easy-to-use HM-SVM Toolbox for Matlab/Octave

The mGene.web genefinder as a galaxy web service



An interesting blog post by Ewan Birney on five essential "statistical things" for a Bioinformatician

Funny graphical vision of how people in science see each other